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Mail Order

Payment for TextPad can be made in US dollars, UK pounds using a check or credit card. Dollar checks must be drawable at a US bank, and pound cheques must be drawable at a UK bank. EuroCheques are not accepted. See the Price List for current pricing.

Please send the completed European or World Wide form with your order.

VAT (TVA, IVA, BTW, Mwst, Moms) at the current UK rate (20%) is payable by all UK residents, and any European Community residents who are not VAT registered. Those who are must quote their VAT registration number with the order.

Please make checks payable to "Helios Software Solutions", and send your order to:

Helios Software Solutions
PO Box 619
Purchase Orders

Purchase orders (net 30 days) are accepted only from government and accredited educational institutions and major corporations, provided that they are submitted on purchase order forms with a purchase order number. Please be sure to include the information on the European or World Wide order form with a purchase order.

See the Price List for current pricing.