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Prices effective from 1st February 2014. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

Software License Prices:
(Excluding VAT - please see Notes below)
Users US Dollars UK Pounds
Single user 27.00 16.50
5 120.00 73.00
10 210.00 128.00
15 300.00 183.00
20 360.00 220.00
25 450.00 275.00
30 540.00 330.00
40 655.00 400.00
50 755.00 460.00
100 1325.00 800.00
200 2155.00 1300.00
300 2815.00 1700.00
400 3315.00 2000.00
500 3730.00 2250.00
Media Prices (excluding license):
(Inclusive of shipping and handling. Excluding VAT)
Media US Dollars UK Pounds
CD-ROM 16.00 9.50
  • Payment by credit card will be charged at the UK pound price. Where appropriate, this will be converted to the buyer's currency, by the credit card provider.
  • The software license prices do not include media. You can either download the software, or purchase the media. For download only, you must provide a valid e-mail address.
  • The multiple user prices are for use on a single physical site or campus, with all support through a single point of contact. Please contact us if you have different requirements.
  • *VAT (TVA, IVA, BTW, Mwst, Moms) at the current UK rate of 20% is payable by all UK residents, and any European Community residents who are not VAT registered. Those who are must quote their VAT registration number with the order.
  • Payment by check (cheque) may be in any of the above currencies, at the quoted price only. Do not convert at the current exchange rate.
  • Dollar checks must be drawable at a US bank, and pound cheques must be drawable at a UK bank. EuroCheques are not acceptable.
  • Educational discounts for site licenses are available on request.