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Last updated: 7 September, 2001.

These add-ons to TextPad are made available on an as-is basis. They are free and unsupported, although we will endeavor to fix any bugs.

We gratefully acknowledge these contributions from our users, who are credited below. Please let them know if you find their contributions useful.

If you would like to make your own contributions, please send them to support@textpad.com.


After you have downloaded one of these files, extract its contents into an empty folder, and see the README.TXT file for further information.

Name: Description:
Rational Clear Case
ClearCase can be run from a DOS prompt by using cleartool.exe.
Contributed by Stuart Wheeler 7 September 2001.
Utility that makes EDI files easy to read in TextPad.
Contributed by Merl 7 September 2001.
Make tcl from txt
This script creates .tcl-files from .txt-files for Textpad
Contributed by Christian Weiske, 7 September 2001.
Image tag
The purpose of this php shell script is to take an image and get it's dimensions using getimagesize(). You must supply the base directory and the image's name as the first two arguments. See "usage". The link below is for the non-compiled version that can be used for those who have PHP installed locally. http://www.bjclark.com/code/img.sh.html
Contributed by Brian Clark [mailto:brian@spamcop.net], 19 August 2001.
Htm2Disp This reads the TextPad HTML syntax definition file, an HTML file of your choice, and then outputs to another HTML file which displays the contents of the original file, with keywords high-lighted and so on.
Contributed by Ian Sollars, 6 February 2001.
Show Methods (3)
Modified ShowMethods files.
Updated by Trevor Eggins, 7 September 2001.
Show Methods (2) A Java source and class file that can be run as a Dos Command that captures all the methods in a Java source file, then with the double left click, jump directly to the corresponding method in the source file. If a file path is written at the end of the parameters, the programme will also write the methods to a clip library file for easy reuse.
Contributed by Logan Murray, 29 November 2000.
File watch A free file watch and tree comparison written in Java so it should run on other operating systems.
Contributed by Hans Sussenburger, 14 September 2000.
TP Link A new Txplink that should work with version 3 and 4 of TextPad. It also supports the TextPad command line options (-m etc).
Contributed by Ian Brown, 23 June 2000.
Back up A TextPad configuration backup utility. This utility is written in the Dos batch language and requires that the utilities PKZIP.EXE and PKUNZIP.EXE be installed and available in the Dos path.
Contributed by Beverly Howard, 23 June 2000.
Paths A tool that copies paths and facilitates making batch files. Used together with Textpad (especially the select block feature) it becomes even more powerful.
Contributed by Hans Sussenburger, 2 June 2000.
CS-RCS A small registry file that adds commands to the 'tools' menu of TextPad which allow one to access the CS-RCS commands directly from TextPad.
Warning: adding this file to your registry will overwrite other tools in TextPad.
Contributed by Mark R Harding, 28 April 2000.
FTP A simple batch file that ftp's the active document in TextPad up to the specified web server. (2KB)
Contributed by Jonathan Silber, 13 July 2000.
NTReplace This little program can be used to replace files on NT. You must reboot your system for the changes to take effect. (12KB)
Txplink 2000 An automatic installation file for txplink for Windows 2000. Please see the readme before attempting to install. (3KB)
6 June 2000
Txplink 4 This little program can be renamed to NOTEPAD.EXE, or any other program that you would like to substitute TextPad for. It just runs TextPad 4 (TEXTPAD.EXE) instead. (2KB)
Txplink 3 This little program can be renamed to NOTEPAD.EXE, or any other program that you would like to substitute TextPad for. It just runs TextPad 3 (TXTPAD32.EXE) instead. (2KB)
Txplink 4 (Unicode) This works with TextPad.exe and TxtPad32.exe. In addition it will call NOTEPAD if the file to open contains Unicode. (You have to rename the original NOTEPAD.EXE to NOTEPAD.ORG for this feature). (36KB)
Contributed by Klaus Raithel.
Tab This multiple purpose utility can detab and entab files. It can also trim white space from lines and remove all blank lines from a file, or leave a file with no more than one consecutive blank line. (173KB)
Contributed by Ronald Terry Constant .
TabOut If you have ever accidentally converted tabs to spaces, you will appreciate this program. Just type "TabOut myfile" to get the tabs back. You can also specify the tab size, and control which spaces are converted. (24KB)
Convert 3 programs to batch convert files between DOS, MAC and UNIX. For example, type "ToUnix *.HTML" to convert all your DOS & MAC files before uploading them to your UNIX web server. (56KB)
MWDT Tool for looking up words in a Merriam Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus. This does not include the Merriam Webster Dictionary\Thesaurus. (4KB)
Head Command line utility to print the first few lines of a file. "head file.txt" prints the first 20 lines, and "head -10 file.txt" prints the first 10. (16KB)
Generate Classnames for Java A java program that automatically scans directories looking for your own made .java or .class files and stores these classnames. Then the program sorts all the class names and writes the results to a file called Results.txt. This file can then be inserted in your java.syn file so then you can give your own java classes a nice color. (5KB)
Contributed by Leonard Wolters.
SaveAll Add this command to your batch files to tell TextPad to save all its files, before you start your backup. (2KB)