ActionScriptMacros for scripting ActionScript. You can create shortcuts to them for a powerful scripting-environment.
Contributed by Mark Bensch, 27 March 2002
Auto CompleteA macro for code completion.
Contributed by Jose, 15 May 2003.
Auto CompleteA macro that auto-completes the word you're typing, based on the last word that starts with the same thing. It uses the copy/paste buffer, so any earlier contents of that buffer will be lost. Unexpected results occur if the word you're typing doesn't exist earlier in the document.
Contributed by Mark Schnitzius, 22 January 2002
Binary-HexadecimalSearches for binary numbers (max. 64 bit each) in the current selection and replaces each of them by its hexadecimal value. The selection should not contain the tilde character (~) or a sequence matching the expression [01]+[oi][01]+ as these will likely cause unwanted results. Apart from that all other characters different from [01] are left unchanged, but the safest way is to select one number at a time.(Uses POSIX RE).
Contributed by Anja Schaffhirt, 11 August 2004.
Carriage return removeA macro that removes all carriage returns. Useful for copied in XML content, that is broken indiscriminately across multiple lines that we want to use XmlTidy on. This concatenates it all together so that XmlTidy can do its job without complaining.
Contributed by Doug Porter, 15 May 2007.
Case ConversionTwo macros that will convert your text to upper and lower case.
Contributed by Lance S. Darby, 24 October 2000
Clear Leading SpaceThis macro uses a simple regular expression to clear all leading space on lines.
Contributed by Pete Smith, 6 August 2004.
COBOLTwo macros for commenting and uncommenting COBOL source code.
Contributed by Lutz Galinat, 12 November 2002.
CommentThe 4 comment/uncomment macros will comment in/out lines of javascript or asp. To use the comments just highlight the rows to be commented out (from one row before the first) and click the macro.
Contributed by avron polakow, 12 August 2003.
CommentTwo macros to comment and uncomment selected code with #s. Suitable for Perl and other shell scripting languages.
Contributed by Aditya Sanghi, 2 November 2000
COMMENT BLOCKSTwo macros to comment and uncomment selected code. Suitable for Clarion
Contributed by Ayo Ogundahunsi, 6 November 2003.
Comment BlocksThese macros are for commenting and uncommenting SQR programs ("!" at the beginning of each line). A feature of these macros, is that if you comment a block of text that already has comments, it will add a second exclamation mark to that line, so that when you "uncomment" the block, it will retain the original comment.
Contributed by Don Barclay, 28 April 2002.
Convert ISO-8859-2 to Win-1250Two macros for converting ISO-8859-2 to Win-1250 (Central European), and the reverse.
Contributed by Christopher Polewiak, 2 January 2005.
Duplicate LinesThis macro duplicates the current line.
Contributed by Frank Fesevur, 9 May 2000
Duplicate LinesA Macro that duplicates the current line without loosing the clipboard data.
Contributed by Daniel Tome, 11 May 2007.
Eclipse like behaviourA couple of macros that should be assigned to alt+up and alt+down to make Textpad work like eclispe does.
Contributed by teknopaul hinds, 3 March 2012.
Email cleanerCopy and paste forwarded email into Textpad and this macro removes all the greater-than characters and attempts to clean out extra line breaks etc. Run twice for jokes that have been round the world 3 times already!
Contributed by Pete Smith, 6 August 2004.
Email macros1) Make_Horz_List_From_Ver.TPM : It makes comma seperated email string from vertical list of email ids. 2) Split_Comma_Sep_List_To_Ver.TPM : It makes list of email ids in vertical format from comma seperated email string.
Contributed by Shantanu Bhamare, PMP, 6 April 2011.
EncapsulationThis macro will help Java programmers (who observe encapsulation), and especially anyone who writes JavaBeans.
Contributed by Joshua Seigler, 7 February 2001
FORMAT TXMiscellaneous Handy Textpad Macros For Formatting
Contributed by Susan Whittington Hunt 10 August 2001
Find-non-ASCIIIf you need to clean your text files of non-ASCII characters. This macro finds any non-ASCII and non-printable ASCII chars (it ignores form feeds and tabs).
Contributed by Michele la Monaca, 14 May 2004.
Generate TimestampMacro that Generates timestamp in format of YYYYMMDD, where YYYY stands for YEAR, MM for MONTH, DD for DAY. Useful for document maintenace tasks.
Contributed by Fazl Rahman, 6 May 2015.
GeodimeterThese Macros work on files created by Geodimeter Land Surveying instruments They convert the data from a one item per line basis, to one complete observation per line, and back again.
Contributed by Wyn Sleeman, 10 November 2000
HexadecimalThese macros add all entries in a list of 8 digit hexadecimal numbers. Please see Readme.txt for more information.
Contributed by Pranav Swaroop, 30 May 2010.
Hexadecimal-BinarySearches for hexadecimal numbers (unlimited range) in the current selection and replaces each of them by its binary value. If the selection contains characters different from [0-9a-fA-F] these are left unchanged.(Uses POSIX RE).
Contributed by Anja Schaffhirt, 11 August 2004.
Hex CruncherThis macro finds 6-digit hex codes (i.e., RGB color codes) that consist of 3 doubled digits, and replaces them with the equivalent 3-digit hex code. Especially useful in stylesheets with transition effects.
Contributed by Andrew Roazen, 29 October 2002.
HTML Accent conversionTwo small macros for Spanish users that make convertions from accents, and HTML escape codes.
Contributed by Octavio Fornes Pimentel, 27 March 2002
HTML Change caseFour macros to convert HTML tags and attributes to lower or upper case. These macros can handle multi-line tags and attributes, and even enclose between quotes unquoted values for the attributes. They can processes hundreds of HTML scripts efficiently and with ease in just a few seconds, depending on your processor. The macros can process 10-15 average size HTML sources per second.
Contributed by Edgardo R. Del Rosario, 10 August 2005.
HTML convertFour macros for quickly converting a string in specified format to a working HTML link. Readme.html file included. The macros are based on Jeff Epstein's.
Contributed by Gautam Patel, 4 December 2003.
HTML ENCODERThis macro encodes ANSI characters into their HTML equivalents.
Contributed by Michael Langford, 10 August 2001
HTML LinksIt takes a plain Html file and produces the links for the targets one chooses at the top of the file.
Contributed by Carmel Grech
HTML LowerIt changes active HTML Tags and keywords to LowerCase without modifying keyword parameter values.
Contributed by Randall McDougall, 12 February 2001
HTML-Enclose Text blocksThis macro tries to wrap proper sentences in HTML Paragraph Tags.
Contributed by Peter Lamm, 9 July 2009.
HTML, single-line commenting and moreUpdated for TextPad 4.4! A large collection, with comprehensive html documentation included. Macros for easy creation of HTML and Cold Fusion tags, single-line commenting, text manipulation and general navigation.
Contributed by Jeff Epstein updated 9 November 2000
HTML Special CharactersA macro to convert special HTML characters in normal documents to their equivalent HTML-code.
Contributed by Roelof Berkepeis
HTML Special CharactersThis is a macro that will change the most common special HTML characters back to the actual character.
Contributed by Martin B, 1 April 2013.
HTML Table 1Macro to convert tab separated columns of plain text into HTML tables.
Contributed by Klaus Daube
HTML Table 2Another Tab2HTML table macro, with a short description of how it works, so you can create your own to suit your needs.
Updated by Michael Cox
JavaScriptJavaScript macros and a clip library.
Contributed by Nicolas Delsaux
Java ToolThis tool macro prompts user for parameters with the default of the full file path. See text document for full explanation.
Contributed by Alex Savitsky 10 August 2001.
Java CommentsA block comment macro for java, c and c++.
Contributed by Daniel.Thompson 14 December 2001.
Java mailThis is a macro that searches for email addresses and turns them into JavaScript code to hide the address from spam harvesters.
Contributed by Michael Cox, 16 May 2003.
Java StringThis macro turns a document, assumed to be an XML document, to a single line quoted Java String.
Contributed by Martin, 26 April 2010.
Line IndexerMacros to bookmark lines and list them in a Command Results window so that a double-click finds the appropriate line in your document. Full setup instructions provided.
Contributed by Chris Willmot
Make StringA macro to make string (VB string) from the selection.
Contributed by Marco Acorte, 30 April 2002.
ManglemailtoA macro to make a javascript-mangled email address of a highlighted email address, for all "mailto": addresses on a page.
Contributed by Michael Cox, 16 May 2003.
Markup Case ChangerA macro to that changes SGML/XML Tags and keywords either to Lowercase or Uppercase without modifiying keyword parameter values. Based upon the macro, "HTML Lower".
Contributed by Alexander Lisibach, 2 May 2003.
NC Machine ToolNC Machine Tool Macros
Contributed by David Ward 23 June 2001
NT NET FILES EDITORWhen run this macro automatically opens the following files from C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc: hosts, lmhosts, networks, protocol, services. You can then easily examine and modify them, without manually searching for, and opening each of these configuration files.
Contributed by Alex Angelopoulos 19 October 2001.
Net File OpenTextpad macro for Windows Net File Open. Instructions included with download.
Contributed by Joey Officer, 3 May 2004.
ReformattingSix macros to remove unnecessary spaces, tabs and lines, and to join blocks of lines into paragraphs. Very useful for reformatting imported texts that lack a proper layout.
Contributed by Gerrit Kiers
Replace non ASCIIMacro to Replace Non-ASCII Characters (NFO file clean-up, etc.)
Contributed by Don Wallquist, 28 September 2005.
SAVETwo macros that perform the following functions: SAVE_SELECT ALL_COPY, and SELECT ALL_DELETE_PASTE_CTRL+HOME.
Contributed by Kitch Pilapil, 15 August 2004.
Select AllTwo macros that perform [[SELECT ALL]] and [[COPY]], and [[SELECT ALL]] and [[DELETE]].
Contributed by Kitch Pilapil, 1 September 2004.
Select All/CutVarious CUT and COPY macros. See Readme.txt for full information.
Contributed by Kitch Pilapil, 21 September 2004.
Single Line CommentsA collection of macros to insert and remove single line comments (e.g.: //, REM, --).
Contributed by Douglas Crews
Special CharactersRunning this macro in a document SELECTION will convert the following special ASCII-characters to their HTML code.
Contributed by Roelof Berkepeis, 2 October 2000
Special CharactersMacro which will convert all special ASCII characters to their HTML entities.
Contributed by O. Dag, 14 May 2002.
TabA TextPad macro for converting tab separated values to "body" of table markuped by elements <row> and <entry>. Values to be converted must be marked as block.
Contributed by Pavel Zampach, 22 November 2000
Toggle C++ CommentThis macro comments/uncomments (toggles) highlighted C++ lines when the macro is executed. It adds a // if the line doesn't begin with // and removes the // if the line does begin with //.
Contributed by Pranav Swaroop, 9 May 2010.
TPMA TextPad macro for html comments. Works on block selection.
Contributed by Vinod Nair 16 July 2001
UnderlineA TextPad macro which underlines the current line with dashes.
Contributed by Ari M. Weinstein
UnwebA simple little macro called "unweb" that just substitutes the ascii characters for the html codes for those characters in selected text.
Contributed by Michael Cox, 11 January 2006.
URL SeeTextpad macros for ensuring web URL's are visible in plain text files, by inserting "http://" before "www".
Contributed by Susan Whittington Hunt 10 August 2001.