ANSI X12N EDI Remittance AdviceA utility for making ANSI files human readable. Includes a macro to Reformat with line breaks and indentation, and undo that formating. Also syntax highlighting the ANSI segment names
Contributed by David A. Koontz, 13 November 2003.
BackupA TextPad configuration backup utility. This utility is written in batch script and requires that a command line zip utility be installed and available in the Dos path. Modified Dec 2004 to convert XP/W2k unicode registry files to ascii so that configurations can be moved to and from older versions of Windows.
Contributed by Beverly Howard, 24 December 2004.
BackupA TextPad configuration backup utility. Update of Beverly Howard's version.
Contributed by Yordan Georgiev, 8 February 2007.
BackupA TextPad configuration backup utility. Update of Beverly Howard’s version, works with TextPad 5, and handles non-default installations.
Contributed by Mike Good, 5 February 2012.
Command PromptThis file, when saved in a .bat or .cmd file can be used in Windows 2000 to launch a new textpad window from the command prompt(or add files to the existing one if running and run multiples in not set), the command prompt will return immediately.
Contributed by Rick Ross, 28 April 2002.
Convert3 programs to batch convert files between DOS, MAC and UNIX. For example, type "ToUnix *.HTML" to convert all your DOS & MAC files before uploading them to your UNIX web server.
Contributed by Anonymous.
CS-RCSA small registry file that adds commands to the 'tools' menu of TextPad which allow one to access the CS-RCS commands directly from TextPad. Warning: adding this file to your registry will overwrite other tools in TextPad.
Contributed by Mark R Harding, 28 April 2000.
CtagsWhen you use TextPad to program in a popular programming language (like C/C++, Java, PHP), ctags can be very useful for you. It creates a so called tags file that can be used to navigate through your sources. This small tool can help you to jump to a selected function / variable / class / etc in your code, by pressing just one key.
Contributed by Frank Fesevur. Updated on 20 February 2004.
DDE MessagesIf TextPad is slow to open files using the "TextPad" command on Explorer's context menu, another application is blocking DDE messages. This substitute DLL passes file names via the command line, so such delays should be avoided.
Contributed by Anonymous, 26 November,2003.
EDIUtility that makes EDI files easy to read in TextPad.
Contributed by Merl 7 September 2001.
Encryt/DecryptA utility to supply encrypt/decrypt functionality in TextPad
Contributed by Jason Doyle, 16 February 2015.
FindProcsThis script let you see a listbox with all the occurrences of a proc, class, method. Select one and have the text cursor positioned in front of the selected one. It needs Tcl/Tk 8 installed.
Contributed by Ulis 4 February 2004.
FindWordsThis script let you see a listbox with all the occurrences of the selected string. Select one of them and have the text cursor positioned in front of the selected one. It needs Tcl/Tk 8 installed.
Contributed by Ulis 4 February 2004.
FTPA simple batch file that ftp's the active document in TextPad up to the specified web server. (2KB)
Contributed by Jonathan Silber, 13 July 2000.
TextPad FTP Upload/Download pluginsUpload or download active document from FTP to correct subfolder, assuming local and remote folder structures are identical. Based on FTP script by Jonathan Silber.
Contributed by Adam, 3 May 2011.
FTPA batch file that transmits all in Commandline specified files to a FTP server.
Contributed by Charli McFive [], 14 December, 2001..
FTP InterfaceA little FTP addon (in Python) for uploading files to a server. Readme included.
Contributed by izaak stern, 30 July 2009.
Generate Classnames for JavaA java program that automatically scans directories looking for your own made .java or .class files and stores these classnames. Then the program sorts all the class names and writes the results to a file called Results.txt. This file can then be inserted in your java.syn file so then you can give your own java classes a nice color. (5KB)
Contributed by Leonard Wolters.
HeadCommand line utility to print the first few lines of a file. "head file.txt" prints the first 20 lines, and "head -10 file.txt" prints the first 10.
Contributed by Anonymous.(16KB)
Htm2DispThis reads the TextPad HTML syntax definition file, an HTML file of your choice, and then outputs to another HTML file which displays the contents of the original file, with keywords high-lighted and so on.
Contributed by Ian Sollars, 6 February 2001.
CtagsWhen you use TextPad to program in a popular programming language (like C/C++, Java, PHP), ctags can be very useful for you. It creates a so called tags file that can be used to navigate through your sources. This small tool can help you to jump to a selected function / variable / class / etc in your code, by pressing just one key.
Contributed by Frank Fesevur. Updated on 20 February 2004.
HTML TidyDave Raggett's HTML Tidy program for checking the syntax of HTML and XML files. See the README.TXT file for instructions to add it as a tool in TextPad.
Contributed by Helios Software Solutions, 13 July 2010.
Image tagThe purpose of this php shell script is to take an image and get it's dimensions using getimagesize(). You must supply the base directory and the image's name as the first two arguments. See "usage". The link is for the non-compiled version that can be used for those who have PHP installed locally.
Contributed by Brian Clark, 19 August 2001.
Java-APIThis is an Add-On that lets you use the Java-API from Textpad for any class you like. It will show the class-documentation in a new browser-window.
Contributed by Steffen Kobilke, 9 July 2005.
Java Code CompleterThis tool acts as a 'code completer', for the identifier under the cursor in a source file. Includes the GPL and source.
Contributed by Sten Anderson, 26 June, 2003.
Java APIPerl script ( to launch the Java API help with the selected text using the default browser. This selected text, may be a class or a package. Is very fast and versatile. In a few econds it shows the help for the selected text.
Contributed by Daniel Villanueva 1 October, 2002.
Java FormatjFormat is a Java source file formatter, with options for Format_Style, Indent_Size, etc. It can be configured to format the current file in the TextPad window. There are three modes in which jFormat can be run; from within TextPad, from a DOS CommandLine, or as a stand-alone GUI version. It is 100% Pure Java!
Contributed by John Balderston, 09 November 2001. Updated 29 April 2002.
Java HelpJava Help - Access Java API from TextPad. This utility will help you access relevant Java API files from within TextPad. Also supports frames.
Contributed by Vithal Kuchibhotla, Updated 20 August 2002.
Java HelpThis is a configuration hint that allows you to quick access Java API documentation from within TextPad. With a single keystroke press you will see the Java API documentation page that covers the topic which deals with the cursor over word in TextPad, increasing your programming performance considerably, because the access of Java language reference is a frequently performed task in Java programming.
Contributed by Jonatas R. Almeida, 12 December 2002.
Java HelpThis utility allows you to access java help via Internet or from local downloaded folder using internetexplorer. A detailed description of how to use the tool is given in the Readme.txt packaged along with the zip
Contributed by Raees Uzhunnan, 5 March 2004.
Java IDEA package of 3 tools that move TextPad closer to a Java IDE. 1) Finder is a graphical tool for configuring search paths, filters, and more.Quickly locate file(s) to load into TextPad (regular expressionsare supported). More powerful than WebSphere Studio ApplicationDeveloper’s Eclipse-based class locator.2) Loader is a TextPad tool that can load a class by just placing yourcursor in the classname and running the tool. Uses the searchpaths configured in Finder to locate the class.3) GettersAndSetters generates Java Bean Getters/Setters from aset of highlighted properties. Read the README.txt in the resources directory for installation info.
Contributed by Matthew D. Marquand, 19 February 2004.
J2MESyntax file for J2ME(Java 2 Micro Edition), plus two batch files for compile,obfuscation and run J2ME application.
Contributed by Paresh Agrawal, 21 October, 2003.
Java ToolTextPad Java development tool that generates verbose comments for a method, loads classes from the file system, and opens javadocs automatically.
Contributed by M Habibi, 1 September, 2003.
PathsA tool that copies paths and facilitates making batch files. Used together with Textpad (especially the select block feature) it becomes even more powerful.
Contributed by Hans Sussenburger, 2 June 2000.
Make tcl from txtThis script creates .tcl-files from .txt-files for Textpad
Contributed by Christian Weiske, 7 September 2001
Manage TagsAn add-on for TextPad, for managing tags
Contributed by Glenn Carr, 28 April 2002.
NTReplaceThis little program can be used to replace files on NT. You must reboot your system for the changes to take effect. (12KB)
Contributed by Anonymous.
Perl utilityPerl utility, which lists the line numbers of any sub-routines in the filename passed to it (providing the source-file type and keyword has been added to the list of known file-types). When invoked via a TextPad tool, it allows quick navigation to a sub-routine by double-clicking the name in the Command Results window.
Contributed by Clark Pearson, 29 September 2006.
Rational Clear CaseRational ClearCase Functions for TextPad.
Contributed by Jeffery Marten Gillmor, 25 October 2007.
Rational Clear CaseRational ClearCase Functions for TextPad. Unlike the existing add-ins, it uses the graphical user interface, which gives smoother interactions.
Contributed by Ulrich Gräpel, 17 September 2003.
Rational Clear CaseClearCase can be run from a DOS prompt by using cleartool.exe.
Contributed by Stuart Wheeler 7 September 2001.
Rational Clear CaseRational ClearCase Functions for TextPad.
Contributed by Ralph Kopschek 9 November 2001.
SaveAllAdd this command to your batch files to tell TextPad to save all its files, before you start your backup.
Contributed by Anonymous.
Show MethodsThis script will read a VBscript file or a VB file and display all Functions, Subs and Classes in the Command Results Window. Double click on the desired item and it will take you to that line in the script.
Contributed by Richard Bondi, 19 April 2002.
Show MethodsModified ShowMethods files.
Updated by Trevor Eggins, 7 September 2001.
Show MethodsA Java source and class file that can be run as a Dos Command that captures all the methods in a Java source file, then with the double left click, jump directly to the corresponding method in the source file. If a file path is written at the end of the parameters, the programme will also write the methods to a clip library file for easy reuse.
Contributed by Logan Murray, 29 November 2000.
Spelling CheckerA file that integrates the Word spellchecker into TextPad.
Contributed by Alex Angelopoulos, 28 April 2002.
SQLite3An interface to run SQLite3 queries and scripts from within TextPad, based on the current text selection (using the $CLIP macro). It includes a readme.txt with full details.
Contributed by Darryl Trimming, 5 May 2011.
Syntax FilesA file that integrates the most common syntax definition files into TextPad.
Contributed by Paul Rogalinski, 30 July 2002.
Syntax FilesThe “Syntax Files” Add-on has a registry script that still references TextPad 4 instead of 5. The attached file corrects this for the newest version of TextPad.
Contributed by Brian Lynch, 4 July 2008.
TabThis multiple purpose utility can detab and entab files. It can also trim white space from lines and remove all blank lines from a file, or leave a file with no more than one consecutive blank line. (173KB)
Contributed by Ronald Terry Constant.
TabOutIf you have ever accidentally converted tabs to spaces, you will appreciate this program. Just type "TabOut myfile" to get the tabs back. You can also specify the tab size, and control which spaces are converted.
Contributed by Anonymous
TextPad Register settingsA tool to backup all the TextPad settings to a file.
Contributed by Rasmus Andersson, 29 October 2002.
TP LinkA new Txplink that should work with version 3 and 4 of TextPad. It also supports the TextPad command line options (-m etc).
Contributed by Ian Brown, 23 June 2000.
Txplink XPAfter installing SP2 for Windows XP I found that tplink2000 from your add-ons page stopped working as intended. I have modified it slightly so that it will work in a Win XP SP2 system.
Contributed by Bjarne Østby, 3 October 2004.
Txplink 4 (Unicode)This works with TextPad.exe and TxtPad32.exe. In addition it will call NOTEPAD if the file to open contains Unicode. (You have to rename the original NOTEPAD.EXE to NOTEPAD.ORG for this feature). (36KB)
Contributed by Klaus Raithel.
VB ProjectScript for opening VB project file set within TextPad. The ReadMe mentions the topic of using TextPad's Tool Macros with WSH scripts to significantly extend TextPad's internal capabilities, a way of handling support for extension which can dramatically extend TextPad's abilities in some areas. Undertaken correctly, this adds an incredible range of support for specialty text-processing tasks to TextPad.
Contributed by Alex Angelopoulos, 10 November 2002.
VB ProjectA Python script to backup the TextPad 5 settings (registry and syn files) on Windows XP. It creates a python script that restores the registry settings and syn files back to the target machine. Requires Windows XP Textpad 5.3.1 or later, and Python 2.6 PyWin for Python 2.6. Uses Python Self-Extracting Archiver by M.A. Lemburg
Contributed by Dragos Toader, 17 August 2010.
XML FormatThis utility is used to pretty print xml documents using Xerces and java. Both class files and source code is included so It can be adjusted to include more options. (such as suppression of the version, change of line delimiters etc...)
Contributed by Mattias Van Looveren, 3 September 2003.
XML FormatterXML formatter add-on for Textpad, with many new features. This XML text formatter uses the EXPAT XML parser.
Contributed by Bill Gross, 27 January 2003..
XML TIDYXMLTidy add-on for TextPad. The zip archive contains 3 files: (1) XMLTidy.exe (2) TidyCOM.dll (3) ReadMe.txt. No installation is required, simply unzip and add the EXE as a Tool in TextPad. The ReadMe gives the details.
Contributed by Peter Young, 22 July 2003..