UDOSyntax definitions for UDO. Which is a meta-language, which has it's own syntax and is able to generate lots of file-formats like HTML, RTF, WindowsHelp, Tex, etc.
Contributed by Peter Hoch, 28 November 2000
UNIFACESyntax definition file for UNIFACE 8.4.
contributed by Ronny Krite, 23 August 2006.
UNIFACESyntax definition file for UNIFACE Assignment File.
contributed by Ronny Krite, 15 May 2003
UNIFACESyntax definition file for Uniface 7.206.
contributed by Steve Smith, 16 July 2001
Unified DiffSyntax definition file for Unified Diff (aka Patch) files.
contributed by Kenneth Hayber, 8 April 2005.
UNISONSyntax definition file for Unison file synchronizer.
contributed by Ravishankar Shetty, 17 October 2003.
Universe BasicSyntax definition file for DataStage Universe Basic v.7.0.
contributed by Ben, 5 February 2004.
UNIXSyntax definition file for UNIX shell scripts.
contributed by Patric Sperling, 6 November 2002.
UNREALSyntax definition file for Unreal Script.
Contributed by Brian Armstrong, 13 January, 2002.
UNREALSyntax definition file for UnrealScript (*.uc) files. Epic’s UnrealEngine3 scripting language.
Contributed by Mark Amos, 11 May, 2007.
USFOSTextPad syntax definitions for USFOS (Marintek)
Contributed by Chetan Kunte, 3 December, 2003.
USFOSTextPad syntax definitions and clip book for USFOS.
Contributed by Chetan Kunte, 14 September 2007.
USFOSTextPad syntax definitions and clip book for USFOS.
Contributed by Chetan Kunte, 15 September 2009.
VBASyntax definitions for VBA, Excel only for now.
Contributed by Sanda Vladescu, 26 July 2013.
VB.NetSyntax definitions for the VB.Net Technology Preview.
Contributed by Ryan Mentzer, 22 September 2000
VB.NetSyntax definitions for the VB.Net Technology Preview with several new keywords.
Updated by Guillermo 'guille' Som, 10 October 2000
VB.NetTextPad syntax definitions for VB.NET.
Contributed by Agnelo Dias, 27 October 2002.
VB.NetTextPad syntax definitions for VB.NET.
Contributed by Nikolai Stoev, 27 October 2002.
VB.NetTextPad syntax definitions for VB.NET. Heavily modified from the Siebel VB syntax file.
Contributed by Dave Cantrell, 2 May 2003.
VB.NetTextPad syntax definitions for VB.NET 2005.
Contributed by Guillermo, 2 July 2004.
VB.NetTextPad syntax definitions for VB.NET 9.
Contributed by Guillermo, 3 January 2008.
VB.NetSyntax definitions for Visual Basic 11.0 (Visual Studio 2012).
Contributed by Guillermo, 18 January 2013.
VCal-VCardTextPad syntax definitions for VCal *.ics (Calendar) and VCard *.vcf files.
Contributed by Beverly Howard, 31 December 2011.
VFP 7Syntax definition file for VFP 7.0.
Contributed by Bob Stone, 22 January 2002
VGLSyntax definitions for VGL. The internal language of Sample Manager (LIMS software) from Labsystems.
Contributed by Franck Leterme, 9 May 2000
VHDLSyntax definitions for VHDL
Contributed by Derek Roberts
VMSSyntax file for programming in DCL on Vax VMS.
Contributed by Curtin Schafer, 20 August 2002.
VRMLSyntax definitions for for VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language).
Contributed by Tomas Karban, 29 November 1999
Vera Syntax definition for Synopsys Vera (4.6)
Contributed by Trevor Robinson 7 September 2001
Velocity Syntax definition for the Velocity templating language
Contributed by Jeff Linwood, 14 December 2001.
VerilogSyntax definitions for Verilog
Contributed by Derek Roberts
VerilogSyntax definitions, Clip library and Xilinx unisim component library for Verilog.
Contributed by Don Husby 10 August 2001
VerilogSyntax definitions for systemverilog.
Contributed by Colm Mc Sweeney, 9 November 2006.
VerilogSyntax definitions for SystemVerilog (IEEE Std 1800 Hardware Design, Specification and Verification Language).
Contributed by Dr. David Long, 4 January 2007.
VerilogSyntax definitions for SystemVerilog. It is SystemVerilog IEEE Std 1800 and the AVM 2.1 keywords.
Contributed by Jeff Chapman, 13 January 2007.
Vertex ShadersSyntax definitions for DirectX 8.0 Vertex Shaders
Contributed by Bastian Clarenbach 23 June 2001
ViewStarSyntax definitions for ViewStar - a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.This update contains many more functions.
Contributed by Andrew Bilsbury, 20 July 2000
VignetteComprehensive syntax definitions for Vignette 4.2 and 5.5, TCL 8.2.3 and HTML 4.0.1 all in one file for editing Story Server Templates.
Contributed by David Kitchen, 21 November 2000
Visual BasicSyntax definitions for Visual Basic
Contributed by Jan G.P. Sijm
Visual Basic 5.0Syntax definitions for Visual Basic 5.0
Contributed by Mark Hunter
Visual BasicSyntax file for Visual Basic, to include all the keywords and constants for Siebel Visual Basic.
Contributed by Alasdair Thomson, 19 April 2002
Visual Basic 6Syntax file for Visual Basic 6. I defined keywords for statements, functions, types, operators, and forms.
Contributed by Jeff Glenn, 23 June 2005.
Visual BasicSyntax file for Visual Basic.
Contributed by Norm Cook, 11 May 2007.
VBScriptKeyword syntax file for VBScript V5.1
Contributed by Hans R. Denzler 7 September 2001
VBScriptSyntax definitions for Visual Basic Script.
Contributed by Lee Gray
VBScriptSyntax definitions for VBScript 5.6. The SYN file itself contains lengthy prefatory and inline comments, on details of what was done where, and why.
Contributed by Alex K. Angelopoulos, 14 February 2004.
Visual Source SafeThis syntax definition is for using when viewing Visual Source Safe Differences report files that have been saved out as text.
Contributed by Dacke, 14 December 2008.
VXMLThis single file will support VXML 2.0, JSP, JavaScript and HTML syntax definations.
Contributed by Sudhakar George, 3 May 2012.
VoiceXMLSyntax definitions for VoiceXML. It adheres to the 1.0 Standard implementation and adds a single tag for the Nuance implementation ('debug').
Contributed by Jeff Dickerson, 15 March 2001
VoiceXMLSyntax definitions for VoiceXML. v2.0 W3C.
Contributed by Vikram Singh, 9 November 2006.
VosSyntax definitions for Vos, a CTI-oriented dialect of C made by
Contributed by Tommaso Romanazzi.
WMLSyntax definitions for Wireless Markup Language.
Contributed by Jan G.P. Sijm, 11 January 2000
WMLSyntax definitions for Wireless Markup Language for the Wireless Application Protocol, a.k.a. WAP).
Contributed by Philippe Jausions, 11 January 2000
WMLScript V1.1Syntax Definitions file for WMLScript V1.1 (Wireless Markup Language Script). It includes also the WMLScript Standard Libraries V1.1 and the WTAI (Wireless Telephony Application Interface).
Contributed by Anon.
WaveSyntax definition file for Visual Numerics' PV~Wave
Contributed by John Macpherson
WEB COBOLSyntax definition file for WEB COBOL.
Contributed by Fox Software, 29 January 2008.
WebDNASyntax definition file for WebDNA tags (SmithMicro WebCatalog).
Contributed by Jan Jageblad, 7 December 2000
Werner PNCSyntax definitions for Werner PNC files. IEF Werner GmbH is a brand from Germany that makes linear elements, slides, cross TABLEs and systems for the automation technology.
Contributed by Peter van der Cruysen, 8 August 2002.
WidgetSyntax definitions for Widgets for Konfabulator 2.1 (Widget XML tags, Widget specific Javascript, and general Javascript).
Contributed by Chris Warren, 9 December 2005.
WinBatchSyntax definitions for WinBatch.
Contributed by Martin Jucker
WinBatchSyntax definitions for Windows batch files.
Contributed by sixpack No Beer, 2 February 2005.
WinBatchSyntax definitions for Windows batch files.
Contributed by Jeff Staples, 18 June 2007.
Windows Script FileSyntax Definitions file for Microsoft Windows' Script Host Windows Script File (.wsf) type.
Contributed by Rory Plaire, 1 October 2002.
WINJATextPad Keyword Syntax definition file for WINJA by Seagull.
Contributed by Neal Eiserman 21 May 2001.
WIN-PROLOGSyntax definitions for WIN-PROLOG source code.
Contributed by Z.Meltem ISMIK
WinRunnerSyntax definitions for WinRunner program from Mercury Interactive (WinRunner/TSL language).
Contributed by Angelia T Howard, 13 May 2002. Updated 10 April 2007.
WintaskSyntax definition files for Script Wintask 2.5.
Contributed by Mickaël Provost, 16 May 2003.
WiTangoSyntax definitions for WiTango 2000 SP1 (formerly knows as Tango) include files with Metatags and HTML elements (and attributes) as well as client-side Javascript.
Contributed by Scott Cadillac, 14 December 2001.
WordmateSyntax definition file for the WordMate Document format.
Contributed by Jonathon Freeman, 19 October 2001
WiXSyntax definition file the WiX (Windows Installer XML) tool from Microsoft..
Contributed by Marc Scheuner, 9 March 2008.
Work ManagerSyntax file HP Work Manager (by CoCreate).
Contributed by C.Smith, 16th December 1999
WSDLSyntax file for WSDL. Web Service Description Language.
Contributed by Jean-Jacques Moreau, 21 January 2005.
WxisSyntax definitions for Wxis 4 y Wxis 5. For files with *.pft and *.xis extensions.
Contributed by Paul Ovares Conejo, 14 May 2002.
XALSyntax definitions for Microsoft's Dynamics XAL (formerly Navision XAL and before that Damgaard Concorde XAL). It's an ERP with a built in 4GL development environment but has now been discontinued by Microsoft.
Contributed by Thorarinn Jonsson, 28 January 2008.
XAMLSyntax definitions for XAML.
Contributed by CAMILO REYES, 8 July 2010.
XCSyntax definitions for the XC programming language for programming XMOS XCore processors.
Contributed by Corin Rathbone, 3 May 2011.
XFDLSyntax file that can be used for XFDL (eXtensible Forms Description Language) files up to version 6.0 of the XFDL spec.These files are most commonly used in conjunction with PureEdge tools
See Contributed by Joe Wolf, 1 December 2003.
XHTMLSyntax definitions for XHTML 1.0
Contributed by Pavel Zampach, 19 October 1999
XHTMLSyntax definitions, Groups HTML tags.
Contributed by Eni Kao, 25 April 2001.
XHTMLA comprehensive and concise XHTML syntax definition file.Deprecated tags have been removed from this file.
Contributed by STERZILLA, 27 June 2008.
XMLTextPad keyword syntax file for XML & DTD.
Contributed by Jim McNeill, 12 December 2002.
XMLTextPad keyword syntax file for XML & DTD.
Contributed by Jissai, 9 May 2002.
Generic XMLThis *.syn file updates the Generic XML, making it easier to employ the comment delimiters.
Contributed by Chris Simoes, 29 April 2002.
Generic XMLThis *.syn file updates the Generic XML one on the site, making it easier to employ TextPad syntax colouring: Comments are now identified, as are some common keywords.
Contributed by Lee Goddard, 27 March 2002
Generic XML Keyword syntax file for Textpad ; Generic XML syntax. ; Syntax coloring for generic (*.xml) files
Contributed by Soap Weed 7 September 2001
GRXML Keyword syntax file for GRXML (grammar XML definition). It is specialized for NUANCE OpenSpeech, XML grammar definitions and includes pre-build Tags blocks.
Contributed by Hernan Mendez, 25 May 2007.
XML/SGMLXML and SGML syntax definitions and a clip library for writing DTD's.
Contributed by Morten Gresby
XML DocBookSyntax definition file and clip library for XML DocBook
Contributed by Pavel Zampach, 23 June 2001
XML ExcelSyntax definition file for XML formatted Excel workbooks.
Contributed by Brian P Mucha, 23 September 2005.
XML SchemaSyntax file for XML Schema, which supports not only MSXML3 but W3C WD too.
Contributed by Lee Goddard, 6 September 2000
XML SCORMSyntax file for XML SCORM Manifest files.
Contributed by Lee Goddard, 21 December 2004.
XML SDBTextPad syntax definitions for Norman Walsh DTD Simplified DocBook XML V4.0.1.
Contributed by Pavel Zampach, 22 November 2000
XML SVGTextPad syntax definitions for for SVG subset of XML.
Contributed by David Lodge, 14 December 2001.
X++TextPad syntax definitions Microsoft Dynamics 2009 X++ language (Including all of the Dynamics AX 3 & 4 keywords).
Contributed by Robert Wawszkiewicz, 5 September 2008.
Xilinx User ConstraintTextPad syntax definitions for Xilinx User Constraint Files. The file type should be *.ucf.
Contributed by Steve Gross, 10 December 2008.
Xilinx User ConstraintTextPad syntax definitions for Xilinx User Constraint Files.
Contributed by AjayKumar. D, 22 April 2009.
Xilinx User ConstraintTextPad syntax definitions for Xilinx User Constraint Files.
Contributed by Timothy Bresnan, 29 March 2013.
XQueryTextPad syntax definitions for the XQuery specification. Not all the fn functions are identified but this is a good start for those who have nothing.
Contributed by Derek Guardiola, 16 March 2004.
XQueryTextPad syntax definitions for XQuery keywords, data types and functions.
Contributed by Christian Grün, 13 June 2009.
XSDSyntax file for XSD (XML Schema).Based on the current working draft of the
Contributed by Morten Gresby, 25 May 2000
XSDSyntax file for XSD (XML Schema) based on W3C Recommendation, May 2001.
Contributed by Scott Hollenbeck 21 May 2001
XSLA syntax file for XSL formatting objects.
Contributed by Pavel Zampach, 23 January 2001
XSLTSyntax definition file for XSLT.
Contributed by Lee Goddard 11 May 2001 Updated 21 May 2001
XSLTA syntax file for XSLT. It is geared towards using XSLT for HTML generation.
Contributed by Michael Alsup
XSLTAnother syntax file for XSLT.
Contributed by Simon Wickes.
XSLTAn updated version of the syntax file for XSLT.
Contributed by Lee Goddard, 19 September 2000
XSLTAn updated version of the syntax file for XSLT3, to include formatting objects and some other attributes.
Contributed by Lee Goddard, 10 August 2001
XTMSyntax definitions for XML Topic Maps (XTM) 1.0.
Contributed by Florian G. Haas, 25 April 2001.
XULSyntax definitions for XUL, Mozilla's XML-based User Interface Language. Based on various references as well as the actual .xul files that come with the latest Mozilla Milestone.
Contributed by Justin Ruggles, 2 August 2000.
YacasSyntax definitions Yacas 1.0.54. Yacas (Yet Another Computer Algebra System) is an open-source symbolic-math system.
Contributed by Chris Fehily, 24 May 2005.
YACCSyntax definitions YACC/Bison grammars.
Contributed by Doug Ross, 3 March 2003.
Z80 AssemblerSyntax definitions for the Z80 Assembler.
Contributed by Peter Naus, 23 February 2011.
Zim 2.0Syntax definition for ENGL Zim 2.0 script files. ENGL is a consultancy that writes tools and utilities to enhance Novell's ZENworks product range. Zim is a scripTABLE menu front-end for ZENworks for Desktops imaging.
Contributed by Heath Upton, 12 December 2002.
ZOPESyntax definitions for the Zope (Z Object Publishing Environment)application server.
Contributed by Chad Juettner, 27 March 2002.
ZOPEZope 3.3.0 Syntax file. Since Zope has moved away from TTW development and towards python development the Zope syntax file no longer contains dtml keywords.Instead it builds on PythonV2.4.syn with a lot of zope module and class names added as keywords.
Contributed by Jørgen Jørgensen, 24 January 2007.
ZOPESyntax definitions for the Zope (Z Object Publishing Environment)application serverZope 3 configuration files (*.zcml) Zcml is an xml language for configuring zope 3 and packages used with zope 3.This syntax file covers zope Version 3.3.0.
Contributed by Jørgen Jørgensen, 24 January 2007.
ZPL2Syntax definitions and clip library for ZPL2. Zebra Printer Language is used for custom shipping systems.
Contributed by Justin Cramer 16 July 2001.